The Mount Sinai Human Rights Program assists individuals, both in the community and in immigration detention centers, who are seeking asylum in the United States and who have experienced human rights abuses or torture in their countries of origin by conducting expedited psychological, physical and/or gynecological evaluations to support their claims. The program brings the Icahn School of Medicine’s existing global health efforts to the local level, and capitalizes on the expertise in human rights work possessed by key faculty members. Our clinicians have specialized training and experience in recognizing, evaluating, and documenting the trauma of persecution, discrimination, abuse, conflict, and displacement — issues at the heart of many applications for asylum and other forms of relief.  The medical-legal affidavits that our clinical evaluators submit to immigration courts on behalf of survivors are frequently the determining factor in whether asylum is granted or other relief from deportation is obtained. The program serves as a safe haven for survivors, in which to share their experiences and stories.